S02 Prijelom lubanje i kosti lica

Datum:March 21, 2013
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Prijelom lubanje i kosti lica


S02 Prijelom lubanje i kosti lica
SR Prelom lobanje i prelom kostiju lica
Fracture of skull and facial bones
For primary coding of fracture of skull and facial bones with associated intracranial injury, reference should be made to the morbidity or mortality coding rules and guidelines in Volume 2.
The following subdivisions are provided for optional use in a supplementary character position where it is not possible or not desired to use multiple coding to identify fracture and open wound; a fracture not indicated as closed or open should be classified as closed.
0  closed
1  open
LATIN Fractura cranii et fractura ossium faciei
S02.0 Prijelom svoda lubanje
SR Prelom krova lobanje
EN Fracture of vault of skull
LAT Fractura calvarii cranii
S02.1 Prijelom baze lubanje
SR Prelom baze lobanje
EN Fracture of base of skull
LAT Fractura basis cranii
S02.2 Prijelom nosne kosti
SR Prelom kostiju nosa
EN Fracture of nasal bones
LAT Fractura ossium nasalium
. s02.0_nasal-fracture_broken-nose_slomljen-nos_fraktura-nosa.
S02.3 Prijelom dna očne šupljine
SR Prelom poda duplje oka
EN Fracture of orbital floor
LAT Fractura orbitae inferioris
S02.4 Prijelom jagodične kosti i kosti gornje čeljusti
SR Prelom jagodice i kosti gornje vilice
EN Fracture of malar and maxillary bones
LAT Fractura ossis zygomatici ossis maxillaris
S02.5 Prijelom zuba
SR Prelom zuba
EN Fracture of tooth
LAT Fractura dentis
S02.6 Prijelom mandibule
SR Prelom donje vilice
EN Fracture of mandible
LAT Fractura mandibulae
. s02.6_prijelom-mandibule-celjusti-mandibular_fracture.
S02.7 Višestruki prijelomi lubanje i kosti lica
SR Višestuki prelom lobanje i kosti lica
EN Multiple fractures involving skull and facial bones
LAT Fractura cranii et ossis faciei multiplex
S02.8 Prijelomi ostalih kosti lubanje i lica
SR Prelomi drugih kostiju lobanje i lica
EN Fractures of other skull and facial bones
LAT Fracturae ossium cranii et faciei aliorum
S02.9 Prijelom lubanje i kosti lica, nespecificiranog dijela
SR Prelom neoznačenih delova kostiju lobanje i lica
EN Fracture of skull and facial bones, part unspecified
LAT Fractura partium ossium cranii et faciei non specificatarum

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